Exalted: PDQ

Session 002

Kaname and Whispering Orchid went to their room. Kaname played the flute, and Whispering Orchid tried to see if he could place the songs.

He managed to place a few songs as obscure folks songs from all four corners of creation. As for the others… he didn’t know the songs, but the style was distinct. It had no relation to any story or other entertainment purpose, but from the style, it might have some ceremonial purpose.

Whispering Orchid speculated that Kaname may have been a traveller, as her songs are from the five directions. Rather obscure, though. Others are… strange, but seem more ceremonial than meant for entertainment. Perhaps she was a scholar of songs, if there is such a thing. He was unsure.

They were informed that the impromptu feast would be starting soon, and that Whispering Orchid and Kaname would be presented with a gift that evening. While Orchid had no plans to stay for too long, Long of Limb and Appetite was still on the loose and might return. The town would need to be protected until then. At last, Orchid and Kaname sat down to eat…



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